Mattia Virgilio

Composition & Music Production for
Film, Games, Media & more.

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Last Film Projects

"Licht unter der Brücke" is a short movie by the Marburger Medien Foundation. The score was written in close collaboration with the director Roman Meyer-Paulino.

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About Me

Growing up with classical piano lessons, the music of Bach,
Chopin & other classical composers initially influenced me.
In 2018, I dared to sketch my first compositions on the piano.
From a spontaneous idea, I finally created my first debut album Northern Lights,
for solo piano in August 2018.
After that, I decided to take the academic path to develop myself as an artist.
In 2020 I finished the diploma "Filmscoring and Production"
at the Musicube Academy in Bonn, Germany.
In 2023 I will complete the study "Composition for Film and Theatre"
at the University Artez in Arnhem.

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